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A Guide to Effective Prayer

Praying to God is easy and natural. To pray means to communicate with God. To express ourselves to God in any manner is a prayer. We may be singing devotional hymns, chanting mantras, writing mantras, speaking to God mentally, performing social services or charity in God’s name or contemplating on God. Click Here or on the Title to Continue with this article.

The Shanti Mantra

The Shanti Mantra is used before the start of any formal or informal meetings, group prayer sessions or study. It is a mantra that seeks from God mental clarity and for harmony to prevail so wisdom is gained from any discussion or study. Click Here or the Title to learn the Shanti Mantra.

A Prayer To Begin The Day

This is a simple english prayer to Lord Ganesha that children can learn to recite in the morning as part of their morning routine.

The Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri mantra is a popular Vedic mantra. Gayatri is the mythical goddess of dawn. She represents the Sun as it rises. This mantra is a supplication to God to help us in our life. The Gayatri mantra is described in the Vedas to be used in a ceremony called the sandhya vandanam.



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